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Welcome to Urban Wine Works

Monday - Saturday: 1 - 8pm!!!!
And now SUNDAY: 1 - 6pm!!!

We are proud to humbly offer wines from all over, including some from our own winery and vineyard, Bishop Creek. Come in and taste flights of 10 different wines anytime, or join your friends for a glass of something quaffable. And you can chose from our broad selection of wine from intriguing regions and producers to find the right bottle for every occasion.

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Urban Wine Works Gets The Rhone Around


Don't you get the run around.  There are Rhone varietals and then there are Rhone varietals.  Old schoolers will tell you these grapes, Syrah, Grenahce, Mourvedre, Viognier, etc., do best grown in the Rhone region of France where they originated.  New Agers will say the grapes do better in the New World...places other than Europe.  Don't jump to any er-Rhone-neous conclusions.  Try our flight of 6 wines: 3 of our favorite Rhone wines versus 3 new world interpretations of Rhone grapes. 

A great flight without Rhone-ing up a big tab