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Flight of the Week
  • Seghesio Areneis 2012 - Glass $8.00 / Bottle $20.95
  • Arneis is a highly regarded white grape from the land of Barolos in Italy’s Piemonte region. There are now more than 1500 acres (605ha) of Arneis vines in Piedmont, and small quantities are also grown in California, Australia and New Zealand. The Seghesio family, with roots in the Piemonte, makes this Arneis with fruit from the Russian River Valley in California.  With a refreshing acidity, pear and melon fruit notes with lemon citrus flavors, this wine pairs wonderfully with braised black cod, sea urchin or red curry vegetables along with small bites of other savory treats.


  • Kestrel Sangiovese 2009 - Glass $8.00 / Bottle $20.95
  • Kestrel View Estates was named for the native sparrow hawk prevalent on the vineyard.  Located between 1150′ and 1280', this 126 acre vineyard is home to some of the oldest vines in Central Washington with plantings dating back to 1972.  Using a fan training system for more sun exposure, as well as leaving one bud per spur and one cluster per shoot, this Sangiovese is hand-picked and nearly black with deep red and purple accents.  Aromas of cherry, cassis, blackberry, blueberry and dried herbs help the naturally high acidy of Sangiovese and becomes the perfect accompaniment for most foods.

  • Uvaggio Primitivo 2012 - Glass $7.00 / Bottle $14.95
  • Uvaggio Cellars is the product of Jim Moore, former winemaker at Mondavi.  Moore started Uvaggio in 1998 with a desire to create great wines from Italian varietals in the United States.  The fruit in the Primitivo, is sourced from Lodi, a region that in many ways mimics many Italian regions.  The 2012 Primitivo is unoaked, highlighting the great fruit qualities of the varietal and allowing it to be easily sipped on or paired with your favorite Portland pizza!

  • Martella Fiddletown Barbera 2012 - Glass $9/Bottle $24.95
  • Michael Martella has been making wine since 1981, and in with the 1998 vintage started his own label.  The name "Martella"  translates to hammer from Italian, and his wines are true to his name!  The focus of his label is on sourcing the best fruit from all over Northern California.  The 2012 Barbera is from his brothers' vineyard in Fiddletown, an area of Amador county.  The wine shows nice acidity, and great fruit with a huge finish.  The only thing that could make this wine more delectable would be a dog on the label!

  • Brian Carter Tuttorosso 2009 - Glass $9.00 / Bottle $27.95
  • Brian Carter Cellars is the first winery in Washington State to focus exclusively on an array of hand-crafted European-style blended wines, showcasing Brian's personal passion for blending wines from Washington State's unique terroir; a terroir created from ancient volcanoes and the catastrophic Missoula floods that swept through the region in the last Ice Age.  Coming from four different vineyards, this Tuttorosso (Italian for 'all red') is a super-Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.  With a hint of white truffles, wild ripe blackberries and dark chocolate, you may think you are in Italy.